Writing Services


Your supporters need to have a clear understanding of the impact your organization has made in the lives of those it was set up to serve. Create narratives that give them the satisfaction that their investment was worth the time and money. Persuade them to continue with that support by making it clear how much more good you can do. Attract new people to your cause. Persuade with compelling calls to action and stories that leave no room to doubt the benefits of your work.  

WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU: Impact stories. Newsletters. Blog posts. Brochures. Storytelling Frameworks.


You started that business with a dream to serve and satisfy a need you had spotted. The image of your client was clear in your mind, you could see them light up with a smile of relief when you delivered on time. You imagined them rushing to give you a rave review when satisfaction with your service impressed them. Tell them your story! Why do they need your service? What should make them want your product? Tell them what it will do that will make them smile and ease at least a little bit of their stressful day.

WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU: Website content. Company Profile. Communication Plan.


Do you know that your accomplishments, skills, education and training tell a story? Your Resume should be a well summarized story that will convince a potential employer, client or partner of the benefits you bring to them. Your LinkedIn profile should speak on your behalf, in the best way, to recruiters, employers, interviewers, potential business partners, or clients. 

WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU: Resume Upgrade. LinkedIn Profile Upgrade. Best fit Cover Letter. Expression of Interest.


You want to be taken seriously, present a complex situation in a way that clarifies the issues and provides potential solutions. However, your draft leaves you frustrated. If only you could explain the issue to someone who has a knack for striking just the right tone and using words effectively. Or are you looking over the scholarship requirements for the tenth time, your excitement fading as your personal statement still falls short of explaining why you are the perfect candidate. Don’t give up. Your story can be told well.

WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU: Editing official correspondence. Editing academic personal statements. Editing scholarship applications essays.