Striking the right tone

Cristobel wanted to send a letter of protest to her children’s school. The school administration had introduced a new policy, with immediate effect, that was threatening to wreck her carefully laid plans for managing the children’s schedule. The situation was quite stressful for her but she did not want to come across as strident. Her letter needed to strike the right note, and make the school favourable to a mutually beneficial solution.

Eugene wanted to present a proposal to some big shots in government. He had to make sure that his ideas matched the ideology espoused by the institution. The cover letter for the proposal would have to very quickly get to the gist of the matter while explaining the genesis of the idea, and how it would benefit both parties. It would need to strike the appropriate tone, a delicate balance between the strengths of each party.

It’s not just about what you say, but rather the way you say it. At All the Stories, we can help you draft correspondence that strikes the right note.

Perfect fit

Nina was eager to nab the internship position in a leading business consulting firm.

“Ms. Sheila, this is my dream company. The competition for that position is fierce and yet I am not sure that my first degree and the work I have done are relevant,” she said.

“Nina, what it took to earn that degree and the stuff you accomplished at your work placements could only be done by having the attributes described in the advert,” I said.

She did not seem convinced. I got to work.

“Wow, I really am the perfect fit for this job!” she exclaimed when the email from All the Stories hit her inbox.

With a cover letter that showed how the things she had done matched the company’s needs, I could tell that she was going to walk into the interview with her head held high.

Who do you say you are?

Last year, I worked with a small company with big dreams to become the leader in its niche area. They sell seeds and agricultural inputs to farmers all over the country.

When we met, I asked each of the team members the same question. “When people ask what your company does, what do you say?’

The answers were as varied and different as the people around the conference table – the MD, the Scientists, the Admin team, the Driver and the Sales people.

So we talked about their story, why they were here, where they had come from, where they were going and who they wanted to go with.

After a few hours both sides left happier. They had bonded over a common story and I had enough input for their Communication Strategy.

A recent WhatsApp chat.

Liz (Resume Upgrade client): I totally love it. I loved reading it.

Sheila: That’s what I want to hear! I want every writing project, even a C.V. to read like a story.

Liz: Wow. You have mastered this art. I can’t wait to send it to Amos.

Sheila: Who is Amos?

Liz: The one who told me how bad my CV is, lol lol. Well done, thank you so much Sheila!