Striking the right tone

Cristobel wanted to send a letter of protest to her children’s school. The school administration had introduced a new policy, with immediate effect, that was threatening to wreck her carefully laid plans for managing the children’s schedule. The situation was quite stressful for her but she did not want to come across as strident. Her letter needed to strike the right note, and make the school favourable to a mutually beneficial solution.

Eugene wanted to present a proposal to some big shots in government. He had to make sure that his ideas matched the ideology espoused by the institution. The cover letter for the proposal would have to very quickly get to the gist of the matter while explaining the genesis of the idea, and how it would benefit both parties. It would need to strike the appropriate tone, a delicate balance between the strengths of each party.

It’s not just about what you say, but rather the way you say it. At All the Stories, we can help you draft correspondence that strikes the right note.

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